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Best Free Shed Plans For 2020

If there’s one thing I have learned in life, it’s that you can never have too much storage space. DIY sheds are a perfect way to add some convenient storage space on your property for items such as lawn tools, firewood, or even small vehicles. If you want the largest selection of Shed Plans on the Internet, check out this post.


These free plans that we have included can also serve as spare rooms for recreation or a work space. In the 14 DIY plans below you will find designs that suit all sorts of requirements such as space, style, and cost.

1. 7 Tips For Building Your Shed


This first plan is on the broader side in terms of actual shed design, but the information within is crucial to setting yourself up for success when it comes to building the shed you want. This article covers the basics from building permits all the way to the importance of roof and door quality. After reading these broad concepts, you will be more than ready to build a shed all your own.

2. The Pallet Shed

    As the name suggests, this shed is primarily made from wooden pallets. This plan is a great environmentally conscious choice for those looking to make the most out of their resources by recycling old pallets. A feature that makes this shed stand out is the small porch, which is also made out of pallets. This shed is an excellent cheap option for a DIY shed.

    3. The Ultimate Garden Shed


    This design is for a feature-rich gardening shed containing two rooms, multiple windows, a large sliding door, and a porch area. Through the link you will find both a detailed isometric plan as well as a top-down floor plan, accompanied by a thorough and easy to read material list. This shed has a great look and will bring any backyard to life.

    4. The Under-Eaves Storage Locker


    This space-efficient design is perfect for attaching to the side of your house as a place to keep hand-held lawn tools such as rakes, shovels, weed-whackers, etc. Just 15.5 inches deep, this design is a quick build that will add some much appreciated storage to keep your tools out of the conditions and can be easily repeated should the need for more storage arise in the future.


    5. 10x12 Storage Shed With A Porch


    This shed plan has sliding side doors allowing you to move large items in and out of it with ease. But the best part about this shed is the sitting space in front. If you are looking to spend some quality outdoor time with your family or just take a load off after a hard day’s work in the yard, the porch featured in this design will serve you greatly.


    6. Drive-Thru Shed


    This plan is great for someone looking to store larger equipment such as ATVs or riding lawn mowers easily alongside their regular tools. In the article you will find a thorough step by step plan with plenty of pictures to help along the way.


    7. 8x7 Tudor-Style Garden Shed


    This plan features a shed style that looks great and also gets the storage job done. However, this might not be a decent pick for beginners due to some more advanced carpentry required. That said, this shed has a great aesthetic and will be a great addition to any yard.


    8. Narrow Backyard Shed


    This shed is another space-efficient design but provides a little more storage space than the under-eaves plan listed above. This plan is 7x4 feet and is an excellent choice to house your hand-held tools as well as some medium-sized equipment such as ladders and maybe even a smaller push lawn mower.


    9. Simple Firewood Shed


    This simple firewood shed has a roof to keep everything dry and sides that aid in keeping the wood foundation straight. Its sturdy structure works well to keep your stack of firewood from falling over. This is also a great plan for someone looking to practice their carpentry skills before tackling some of the more complex designs we have featured.


    10. Garden Storage Closet


    This space-efficient shed lets you keep your tools and gardening clothes properly stored while also providing a nice aesthetic. Another bonus feature of this garden closet is that it is reasonably affordable, with an estimated cost of $100-$500.


    11. 10x12 Storage Shed


    This shed is a good choice for someone who has plenty of yard-space to work with and is looking for somewhere to store larger equipment such as riding lawn mowers as well as their regular tools.


    12. Storage Shed With A Front Porch


    This shed lets you store your belongings with safety while also giving you ample space to relax. Built under a single large roof, this design is split 50/50, featuring a walled storage space opening into a spacious porch area perfect for a set of chairs to relax in.


    13. Barn Style Shed


    If you are looking for a shed that adds a classic country touch to your property, then this shed is for you. The shed is very spacious and can easily store multiple small vehicles such as ATVs and riding lawn mowers as well as all of your regular equipment.


    14. Octagonal Shed


    Our final design is certainly the most unique as it is octagonally shaped. This shape is perfect for someone living somewhere that wind damage is a concern, as this more circular design makes for a much more wind-resistant structure capable of weathering the worst of storms while still providing ample space for storage. 


    In the plans we have shown you above, there have been designs of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to store smaller tools or vehicles, there is a shed out there for you, and we hope that this list has either given you a design you can use as-is or given you the inspiration and groundwork necessary to design your own.


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