How to Build a 4×4 Garden Raised Bed

You may have heard about the ease and effectiveness of raised beds in gardening, and you’re convinced to make one. But the problem is, you don’t know how to do it. Don’t fret because this simple plan from P. Allen Smith will help you build your very own 4×4 raised bed!

To prepare for the project, go ahead and acquire these tools and materials: 8-foot boards that are cut into 4-foot parts, bags of soil, wood screws, measuring tape, level, shovel, and drill.

Once all the necessary items are ready, choose a good location in your garden for the bed. Now mark your 4×4 measurements on the area and make sure that the ground is level.

Next, align and fasten the wood on each corner using a drill so they won’t fall apart. Afterwards, fill the bed with soil, some organic compost and fertilizer. Add a moderate amount of water as well.

Next, divide the bed into equal sections using a grid system. After you’ve done all of this, start planting the crops you want to produce.

For the detailed step-by-step instructions, simply check out the following image. Don’t forget to share, tweet, and pin this blog post!

Image Source: P. Allen Smith