5 Best Tools for Pruning Your Garden Plants

Pruning is the practice of cutting the unnecessary branches, buds and roots of a plant. Gardeners do this in order to:

(1) Remove dead plant parts

(2) Control or redirect the plant’s growth

(3) Restrict growth in a small garden

(4) Make fruits and flowers produce higher, better yields

(5) Prevent injury from falling branches

(6) Keep plants stronger and healthier

Pruning regularly is very important so you can maintain the health and overall condition of your garden plants and trees. But you’ll definitely need the right tools in order to prune properly.

The type of tool you should use depends on the pruning task at hand. For instance, bow saws are ideal for removing larger limbs, pruning saws for tightly-spaced branches, and bypass-style hand pruners for making clean and precise cuts.

Remember to use the proper tools so you can easily complete the job and avoid pruning injuries. Read this helpful infographic for more details, and feel free to share it with your friends online!

Image Source: Pinterest.com