Put Plastic Forks in the Garden to Prevent Pets from Stepping In

Do your pets often run around in the garden and ruin your plants? Many pet-loving gardeners have to constantly deal with this problem. Sometimes our cats and dogs don’t just roam in the garden, but they also use it as a litter box. They relieve themselves there and end up destroying your vegetables in the process.

While we do love our house pets, we still want to make sure our plants are protected especially since we’ve worked so hard to grow them. Luckily, there’s a clever little trick that will keep our pets and other wild animals from stepping in the garden!

The answer is to plant some plastic forks in the soil. This practical method will help prevent pets and other wild animals from entering your vegetable garden. So instead of using other deterrent methods, try this quick and easy trick today. Just view the picture below to see how it’s done.

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Image Source: listotic.com