Herbs Sunlight Chart: 15 Most Popular Herbs and Their Sunlight Requirements

So you’ve just started your very first herb garden. Now what? While herbs are relatively easy to grow, sometimes gardeners will still need some help especially when they’re just starting out. One of the most frequently asked questions in herb gardening is how much sunlight to give plants.

Of course the answer will vary on what you’re growing, but most herbs need 6+ hours of full sun daily. Popular herbs like basil, rosemary, sage and thyme need this amount of sunlight in order to thrive.

Some plants can do with less, though. Chevril is a good example of this. It only requires around 4-6 hours of partial sun every day, so it’s very easy to maintain.

Finally, there are herbs that can do well with either full sun or partial sun exposure. Herbs like chives, coriander and mint are fine with either setting as long as their daily sunlight needs are met. They’re very flexible, that’s why many people like to grow them at home.

For more information on herb sunlight requirements, please refer to this chart below. It’s just a basic guideline though—not an absolute rule. Use it to get you started and adjust accordingly. Don’t forget to like and share this on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Image Source: Empress of Dirt