A Simple Guide to Planting a Square Foot Garden

If you’re searching for the easiest and most efficient gardening method, then square foot gardening might just be the right fit for you! A basic square foot garden is often divided into 16 sections, with each square at 4×4 feet. The main objective is to grow a small but well-planned garden, so it’s perfect for gardeners with small spaces.

A square foot garden lets you grow several types of vegetables in a single bed, so it’s very suitable for novice gardeners who want to try out different plants. To get started with this method, here are some quick tips you can follow:

First off, decide on what you want to grow. This may take some time as there plenty of choices–from garden favorites like carrots, lettuce and peppers to aromatic herbs like basil, cilantro and rosemary. The options are endless, and the choice is up to you.

Next, determine the correct spacing for each vegetable type. This is crucial so you can prevent overcrowding your plants in the garden. Note that some plants may require a big space for growing, while others don’t. For instance, carrots don’t use up too much space so you can grow several plants in one square. Watermelons are quite large though, so you’ll need two squares just to grow one plant.

Check out this simple guide now to determine the different vegetable sizes and how you can fit them into your own square foot garden. Don’t forget to share this on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages today!


Image Source: andreasnotebook.com