Here’s a Simple 3-Year Crop Rotation Plan for Your Garden!

Crop rotation is a method used by gardeners to further enhance their vegetable gardens. This technique can significantly increase crop production, prevent exhausting soils, control weed growth, and improve the health of your plants.

The basic idea of rotating crops is to grow different vegetable varieties in the same spot every year. But they can’t just be any random vegetable; they need to be in the same plant family to complement each other well.

For instance, growing bell peppers (nightshade family) in mulched bed during the first year will help prepare the soil for broccoli (brassica family), which you can then grow in the second year.

Brassicas can easily eliminate weeds with the help of mulching, and will then pave the way for a weed-free soil bed for the third year. During this final year, you can then grow weed-sensitive vegetables like carrots (carrot family) for the best results.

For the next growing season, you may go back to planting vegetables from the nightshade family and repeat the whole cycle. Go ahead and read the following 3-year plan to get you started on crop rotation. Be sure to click the social buttons to share this guide with your friends online!


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