Got Ant Problems? Here’s a Simple Homemade Repellent You Can Try!

Ants are everywhere. You can find them inside the house, and even outside where your garden is. They live underneath the grass, and they create mounds which can destroy the aesthetic appeal of your garden. So how can you naturally get rid of them?

Well, there’s an easy homemade solution you can try! Simply get a some water, sugar, boric acid and a mason jar. Simply mix the first three ingredients together. Afterwards, get some cotton balls and put them in the mason jar. Allow the cotton balls to absorb the liquid, then drop the cotton balls in the ground.

Ants will instantly be drawn to the cotton balls and when they get back to their colony, they will spread the concoction and kill the other ants, too. It’s really as simple and effective as that! To learn how to make this powerful homemade ant repellent, watch this video below.

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Video Source: Essortment YouTube Channel