What are Non-GMO Seeds?

Many gardeners often wonder what non-GMO seeds are. To answer this question, it’s essential to discuss the term “GMO” first. GMO, or genetically modified organism, is any organism that goes through certain alterations in their DNA through a process called genetic engineering.

Experiments are done in a lab where scientists insert a gene from another species into the organism in order to achieve a particular trait. GMOs are altered to make them grow faster, tolerate cold temperatures, prevent plant diseases, and possess other desirable qualities. However, the results aren’t always stable and the risks aren’t clearly stated. Because of this, many consumers and organizations are concerned about the dangers and lack of regulation in genetically-modified food, and therefore prefer non-GMO food for its safety.

Defining Non-GMO Seeds
Now back to answering what non-GMO seeds are. They are seeds with DNA that isn’t genetically altered. Simply put, they come as they are and are guaranteed natural. This allows them to grow into healthy plants that produce fresh and tasty crops.

The Many Benefits of Non-Genetically Modified Seeds
Let’s go ahead and dig deeper into these seeds and their remarkable benefits:

1. Available in several varieties – over 50 different types of fruits and vegetables
2. 85%+ germination rate – get more harvests even when using less seeds
3. Rich source of protein – helps provide strength, energy and nutrition
4. Ideal for doomsday prepping – great as emergency food for your doomsday kit
5. Easy to sprout – especially when disaster strikes and food is unavailable
6. Long-term food supply – plant them in your garden for continuous produce
7. Lasts for decades – store them properly in glass jars to have unlimited seeds for a lifetime

Choosing the Best Types of Naturally Grown Seeds
Now that you know what non genetically modified seeds are, it’s time to buy your own seeds so you can finally experience these advantages for yourself. You want to get the best type possible, otherwise knowing what non-genetically modified seeds are and their benefits would be for nothing. The most recommended type of seeds should also labeled as heirloom, non-hybrid seeds.

Heirloom seeds have been methodically passed on for many generations, dating back to 50 years and more. Non-hybrid seeds are pure varieties that haven’t been interbred with other plant species. This allows them to retain the same characteristics as their parents from long ago, and will therefore grow into varieties that are true to type.

Non-GMO seeds are as close as you can get to the original plant varieties, so always check the label when you order your seeds. Thanks for reading this article and best of luck on your home garden!