Introducing the Latest 30 LED Outdoor Solar Landscape Spotlights Pro


Solar landscape lights bring bright light into your yard when it's nighttime. They also provide you with helpful light for navigating in and out of your home and garden. Also, they create an enjoyable ambiance. Installing solar powered outdoor lights is a breeze compared with traditional systems, and much more affordable.

There are many options when it comes to solar landscape lighting, which can feel overwhelming. In this review, we are going to shine a light on solar lights by LITOM.

Features of LITOM C-M190 Solar Spotlights

Many of the garden solar lights you will find on the market are either very stylish or decidedly functional. What you want more than anything are lights that actually work at illuminating a path for you. That is something LITOM's C-M190 solar spotlights do and do well. It also does it while looking sleek.

Talking a little further about the design, there is a feature on these lights that can make them higher than their standard position. Thanks to the included extension arm, the total height of the lights can reach 46 cm. This can be immensely helpful to illuminate areas that most solar lights are unable to reach. You can select between having the lights shorter or taller, in order to match your specific needs.

These garden solar lights boast an output of 600 lumens each, thanks to 12 bright LED beads within each spotlight. What's more, they illuminate up to 120 degrees and are adjustable up to 90 degrees vertically. This makes it easy to set them up in a way where practically every area of your yard or garden can become lit up.

A neat feature of these lights is the ability to switch between providing warm white and cold white output. Sometimes, you want more ambiance, whereas other times, you need bright illumination. Thanks to the option to adjust the color temperature, these garden solar lights can do both.

When it comes to installation, it couldn't be easier. Most solar lights are easy to install, and LITOM's solar spotlights are as well. This is thanks to the ground stakes made out of high-impact ABS plastic. Simply stick the lights into the ground with the provided stakes. However, that's not the only way you can install these. There is also the option of mounting the solar spot lights outdoor on almost any wall, using the provided screws. This makes these lights a great choice for installing over your patio, deck, garage, driveway, and other places.

Speaking of ABS plastic, the entire spotlight is made out of the same material. This results in these solar landscape lights being rated IP67 waterproof (the best waterproof level), heat-resistant, and frost-resistant. That means these lights can take quite a beating and still hold up well. Solar spotlights outdoor need to be resilient enough to survive the sometimes-harsh weather that occurs and LITOM's lights are definitely up for the task.

The life of these lights is extraordinary. While most solar landscape lighting provides around 10,000 hours of light over its lifetime, LITOM's spotlights boast a life of 30,000 hours. All this is thanks to the powerful 18650 lithium rechargeable battery.

Also, these lights have a 24-month warranty, which is more than other brands of solar powered outdoor lights. If you are not completely satisfied with them, there is also a 45-day full refund policy in place. The customer service support provided by LITOM is rarely seen in the industry. You have access to 24-hour customer service, in the unlikely event that you would ever have an issue with them.

These solar landscape spotlights feature the perfect blend of style and function, helping light up your garden, yard, or driveaway. They are affordable, environmentally-friendly, hassle-free, and versatile. Solar lights like those by LITOM can be a "set it and forget it" kind of product, given how durable, self-sufficient, and long-lasting they are. With a potential 30,000 hours of light possible, the C-M190 solar spotlights will prove to be well worth the small investment in them.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing outdoor light or have never had it before, these lights will be something you can depend on. There are lots of options out there for solar spot lights outdoor, but very few can match the power and reliability of LITOM's lights.

Wrapping Up

Solar landscape lights are an easy and effective way to bring more light into your yard or garden. They are simple to install and maintain. The best part of all is that you receive free lighting from each self-sufficient LED spotlight for years to come. If you're wondering which solar powered outdoor lights to get, you do not have to look any further than LITOM's C-M190 Solar Spotlights.