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Want to promote your business or run a giveaway to an active gardening community? We can advertise your product or service through our popular Instagram page called The Happy Gardening Life!

With over 187,000 Instagram followers and counting, we can easily reach out to passionate gardeners, farmers and other folks who are interested in gardening and sustainable living. Our I Love Organic Gardening Facebook page also has more than 28,000 fans which can further promote your product or service to the gardening niche.

You can check out our Media Kit below for more information about our shoutout packages and giveaway campaigns.

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The Happy Gardening Life Media Kit



The Happy Gardening Life is one of the largest gardening destinations on Instagram, and it is growing at a rapid rate. We currently have over 178,000 highly engaged followers who actively participate in giveaways and contests. These are avid gardening enthusiasts who are interested in finding images and information on organic gardening and the healthy lifestyle that accompanies it. This hunger for fresh information presents us a unique opportunity to recommend products and services to them as a trusted source.

We regularly post on our account 3-4 times per day, which results in our followers checking in often to see what new images have been posted and ask gardening-related questions. We also have a Facebook fan page, I Love Organic Gardening, which currently has over 28,000 likes. We post content on that page regularly as well and enjoy good engagement. Our Twitter and Pinterest presence just helps round out our overall influence.

Our Mission

To deliver an over-the-top experience for all who seek fulfillment through interacting with this wonderful Earth that we all share. We want to be a fun, wholesome place for these people to enjoy. To work with other like-minded companies, who manufacture high-quality products, to promote their products to our followers for mutual benefit.

The advertiser will benefit by increasing awareness of, and exposure to their products and our followers will benefit by discovering products that make gardening easier and more enjoyable. We always try to promote win/win/win situations in every facet of our business.

Social Media Giveaways: A Smart Way to Advertise

FREE. This word has been described as the most powerful 4-letter word in advertising, and what better way to advertise than with a product giveaway?

Social media posts about our giveaways get a lot of traction because not only do people enjoy getting free things, they also willingly and enthusiastically tell their friends about it so they can also participate. This is a great form of viral advertising that is very cost-effective. We would be delighted to give you more information on this socially-propelled form of advertising.



  • 25-34 years old: 35%
  • 35-44 years old: 28%
  • 45-54 years old: 15%
  • 18-24 years old: 10%
  • 55-64 years old: 7%
  • 65+ years old: 4%


  • Women: 71%
  • Men: 29%


  • Moderate to Affluent


  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia


  • New York
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Social Media Statistics

Instagram: The Happy Gardening Life
Followers: 187,315

Facebook Fan Page: I Love Organic Gardening
Page Likes: 28,998

Pinterest: The Happy Gardening Life
Followers: 6,304

Twitter: The Happy Gardening Life
Followers: 3,917

Our Campaigns

24-Hour Shoutout: $400

  • 2 Shoutouts that will stay for 12 hours each on our Instagram feed (24 hrs total)
  • Each Shoutout will also be socially shared on Facebook and Twitter
  • 30 hashtags relevant to your product or business
  • Your company will be added to our website “Advertisers Section” with a permanent backlink to your website
  • We will put your link in our bio for an additional fee

5-Day Giveaway: $1,200

  • 5-Day Giveaway Campaign that includes mentions and shares across all our social media platforms and on our website
  • 5 Shoutouts (1 posted per day) via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter
  • 5 Stories (1 posted per day) via Instagram
  • Your 5 Stories will be featured on our Stories Highlights for a year or more
  • 5 boosted posts on Facebook to further promote your giveaway
  • 30 hashtags relevant to your product or business
  • Your website link will be featured in our Instagram bio
  • Your company will be added to our website “Advertisers Section” with a
    permanent backlink to your website

NOTE: You must send a sample product so we can try it before working on the campaign. Winner/s will be announced on our website 48 hours after the giveaway closing. You will handle the shipping of the prizes to the winner/s.

Testimonials: Read What Our Happy Clients Are Saying


“We decided to do the giveaway with The Happy Gardening Life for combination of many things: number one was how their account is relatable to current and potential EarthBox customers and how large their following is. We knew that we had a lot of potential to gain many followers and we actually exceeded our goal in doing this giveaway with them.

Second, their knowledge and expertise in doing these giveaways was reassuring—the packages in their Media Kit were clear and easy to understand, and the costs fit within our budget.

Finally, it seemed like they were just the right fit for me to get started managing my first Instagram giveaway campaign. We are really quite thrilled with the results, and I loved the report at the conclusion of the promotion. You guys made it so easy for us and your patience in guiding me through this was greatly appreciated. I definitely see us doing another giveaway with THGL next Spring!"

Stephanie E. Youngs-Seese, Creative Content Manager at EarthBox®


“Ever since I joined the social media world, The Happy Gardening Life has been part of it. First, I found the most inspirational people to follow along with really good content. I was then able to capture MY experiences and share the knowledge I knew folks were interested in too!

The Happy Gardening Life has solidified the social media gardening community. It was a huge honor when they shared my posts to their 100k followers! Thank you The Happy Gardening Life for all that you do!”

Erika Nolan, Instar Farm Landscaping & Edible Gardens


"I'm so thankful for the opportunity to advertise with The Happy Gardening
Life. As a result of our campaign, I received over 50 sign ups and 7 sales.
I more than covered the cost of my promotion and made connections with
customers for potential sales in the days to come. Many thanks Happy
Gardening Life for bringing garden happy to more and more people around
the world (including me)!"

Nicole Burke, Rooted Garden


"What made me decide to do a 3-day giveaway with The Happy Gardening Life is their very defined campaigns and pricing. I knew what to expect from the beginning. They also responded immediately to my inquiry and were very accommodating. It was really a pleasure working with them."

Agnes Pura, Hydrobox®


“We had a great experience posting a shoutout with The Happy Gardening Life. Their community is highly active and engaged. We saw a huge boost in followers and interactions. It’s the perfect way to jump in and meet the online gardening community. We highly recommend The Happy Gardening Life!”

Joshua Rawe, Green Mill Lawn and Garden


"First experience with Instagram and really enjoyed it. Fun to post pictures and meet fellow gardeners and outdoor hobbyists. Thank you to The Happy Gardening Life for showing me a creative way to start enjoying some social media fun. Awesome!"

Kirk Neetz, Sow Perfect Seeder


"The team at @thehappygardeninglife were very organized and accommodating. They helped promote my solar motion sensor lights giveaway on Instagram and gave me regular updates on the progress. I gained some valuable followers and participants from it. So glad I advertised with them!"

Adam, Hello Light


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