How We Give Back

We are working hard to help support over 1,500 children at the Needs Care School in Lusaka, Zambia. We do that through the 3 Esthers Farm, a ministry of Sew Powerful our Auburn-based nonprofit organization that works to combat extreme poverty through sewing and tailoring.

The 3 Esthers Farm is a beautiful 10-acre property just 25 minutes from the school and it’s fully dedicated to producing food for the school. Maybe one day, after the 1,500 children are receiving a daily lunch of healthy food – we can expand to support additional schools.

We would love to have your support. If possible, maybe even buy shirts as gifts for friends and loved ones! Be sure to tell them about the mission and purpose of the 3 Esthers Farm and Sew Powerful.

You might also consider giving a monthly gift of $25 per month so we can continuously support the farm and feed the hungry kids at the Needs Care School. With your help, we can definitely make this happen together. Click below to get your 3 Esthers Farm tee and/or make a donation!