12 Easy Steps to Canning Your Organic Produce

Got lots of organic fruits and veggies at home? Canning is a great way to enjoy your produce and avoid food waste at the same time. It’s also highly recommended especially if you’re interested in storing food for future emergencies.

Basically speaking, canning is a method of preserving and storing your own food to make them last longer. Everyone is encouraged to do it because it’s all organic and healthy for the body.

To get started, do a little research first to grasp the concept of canning. Next, prepare the necessary materials so you can properly complete the process from the beginning until the end. Canning experts suggest preparing materials such as jars with tight lids, large pots, jar lifter, rack, ladle, and a non-metallic spatula. Once you’ve got these items, then you’re ready to start!

See this very useful guide for some easy-to-follow canning instructions. Feel free to share, pin, and tweet this post online by using the social media buttons below!

Image Source: blog.bedbathandbeyond.com