15 Signs You Are Addicted To Gardening

Think you might be addicted to gardening? If you relate to the majority of these signs below, then you are truly a certified gardening addict! Go through the list now to find out how passionate you are for gardening. Don't forget to share this post with your fellow addicts! ;)

You know you're addicted to gardening when...

1. Every container at the dollar store, regardless of size, shape, color or intended purpose, is viewed as a potential plant pot.

2. Every time you take a break from gardening, you are checking the forums, blogs or websites for updates or re-re-re-reading the same gardening books/magazines for the billionth time.

3. You have more photos of your plants than your kids.

4. You take pictures of your garden every week or two and compare them to last week, last month, last year.

5. People ask nicely how you’re doing, and you launch into a diatribe about the powdery mildew on your tomatoes.

6. No one gives you gifts any more that don’t belong in the yard or shed.

7. Your neighbors catch you outside giving your plants a pep talk, either praising them for doing so good or asking why they just won’t grow!

8. You go to a box store and can’t find ONE plant you don’t already have.

9. You have so many potted plants in your yard and home that visitors ask if you are operating a plant nursery!

10. When your co-worker shows off her freshly-painted manicure, you proudly present the dirt under your nails.

11. Your garden Crocs are your statement shoes.

12. You mention to your friend that you planted Bellis perennis this weekend, and she looks at you like you have two heads. (“Daisies, obviously.”)

13. Your mom gives you a pretty tea towel for your birthday, and you think how it’s the perfect size for protecting your knees from the dirt.

14. Your daughter asks for a swing set for her birthday and you scoff. Where will it go, among the corn stalks and tomato vines?

15. You agree with Al Roker: The weather is the most important part of the newscast!

Article Source: Good Housekeeping, GardenWeb