Herbs 101: A Quick Guide to the 19 Most Essential Herbs

Herbs add a special taste and aroma to anything that you cook. You can always buy them in stores, but they won’t be as fresh and flavorful as homegrown ones. This why is many chefs and cooks around the world encourage planting your own.

Growing your own set of herbs can greatly help with your cooking endeavors, but with lots of herbs to choose from, how will you decide which ones to grow?

For starters, you may want to use some famous herbs like thyme, rosemary, chives, basil and dill. Thyme is great for meats as it enhances the flavor. Chives are especially nice for dips and sauces. Rosemary gives a strong, pungent taste so it’s preferably used in meats such as turkey and beef.

To learn more about garden herbs, check out Ghergich & Co.’s amazing guide to the 19 most essential herbs. You’ll find more details there about their growing info, specific flavors, and cooking uses. Read it now and remember to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!

Image Source: Ghergich.com