Got a Shady Yard? These 25 Shade-Tolerant Vegetables Will Grow Well in Your Garden!

Vegetables are highly dependent on the sun for their development. Most plants normally need at least 6 hours of sun exposure daily, but there are certain crops that can thrive well in low-light conditions—and they are known as shade-tolerant vegetable plants.

These so-called plants are perfect for shady gardens because they only require 5 hours or less of sunlight. Some of these veggies can even grow with just 2 hours of sun every single day, which means you never have to worry too much about their light requirements.

So if you have a shady yard, then it helps to know which specific vegetables you can grow in the shade. Check out this list of the 25 most shade-tolerant vegetables now so you can continue growing delicious veggies despite the limited sun exposure.

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Image Source: Empress of Dirt