Start Your Own Vegetable Garden With These 3 Beginner Tips

Planting vegetables is very easy. Although it can be very frightening to the beginner, it’s actually quite simple to get started! You just have to remember a few key points.

As a novice gardener, you have to know that shade is very important. The sunlight provides plants with the stuff they need for photosynthesis. Positioning is key—you must face the plants to the south as this is the most advantageous spot for them.

Water is also very important. There are various ways you can water your plants: you can use the spraying method, or you can install an irrigation system, especially for bigger gardens.

If you’re unsure about which vegetables to grow first, you can start with the basic ones. Onions, garlic, lettuce and radish are quite easy to plant and are not very demanding. For more information on how to start your own vegetable garden at home, here’s a useful illustration to guide you.

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