Want to Dry Flowers for Crafting? Here are 3 Easy Ways to Dry Your Plants Fast

Crafting is a wonderful hobby where you can express your creativity and resourcefulness. It’s great because you get to make art while having fun at the same time! You also become more creative as you try out different projects and ideas.

Speaking of crafting ideas, using dried plants is one of the best projects you can do. The drying process is simple and the results are simply beautiful. All you need are some lovely leaves and flowers.

Now, there are 3 easy ways to dry your plants. You can (1) hang them, (2) press them, or (3) use silica gels to dry them out. Pressing is ideal for 2D crafting projects, while hanging plants and using silica gels are perfect for 3D projects, so just choose the method that goes best with the crafts you’re making.

Once your flowers and leaves have all dried out, you can being creating various craft pieces and decor that you can display at home. You can even give them as gifts to your loved ones this holiday season!

For more information about drying plants for crafting purposes, please check out this guide from the University of Illinois Extension. You could also share these great tips with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Image Source: University of Illinois Extention