5 Beneficial Bugs to Have in Your Home Garden

Gardeners can’t help but feel disappointed and frustrated when they see their plants destroyed by bugs. However, not all pests are harmful to the garden. Some can actually be beneficial and used to ward off the bad bugs. Consider adding these 5 good bugs to your garden as a natural pest control:

Green lacewings. These green bugs like to eat eggs and immature soft-bodied preys such as spider mites, whitefly, and leafhoppers. They use their curved, pointed jaws to kill preys.

Lady beetles. These cute little bugs are natural enemies of certain insects. They eat most of the unwanted pests that gardeners don’t like, such as aphids, mealy bugs, and mites. Like green lacewings, lady beetles also eat eggs and other soft-bodied insects. They’re widely used as a beneficial insect in the garden.

Assassin bugs. They use their sharp, dagger-like mouth in killing their preys like hornworms, Mexican bean beetles, leafhoppers, aphids, and lygus bugs. First they will wrap the prey around their body with their front legs, then inject it with a poisonous liquid—killing the prey in just a few seconds.

Praying mantis. This type of bug is very special one. They camouflage with plant’s natural color so they can kill preys in an instant. They hunt food both day and night. Caterpillars, flies, bees, butterflies, wasps, and moths are good for their appetite. This is one of the widely used bugs in gardening.

Minute pirate bugs. Aphids, mites, and thrips are the preys they commonly eat. But don’t underestimate these tiny bugs because they can actually bite big and cause incredible pain, that’s why they can kill preys instantly. Be sure to look around for this type of bug so you can add them in your garden.

Read this infographic below for more details on the most beneficial garden bugs. Feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!

Image Source: Pinterest.com