5 Health Benefits of Gardening

There are several things you can do to reduce any health risks, and one of those is gardening.

Just like any home activity, gardening has plenty of advantages that involve both mind and body. It cleverly works your physical and mental functioning at the same time, therefore improving your overall health.

Gardening is also an incredibly fun thing to do, especially with children. Growing plants together with your kids will teach them to value nature and sustainability, as well as encourage stronger bonds.

Gardening is a great way to improve your mood as well. Doing this simple activity even for just 30 minutes will help you relax and let go of all the bad vibrations. It can easily put you in a more positive state and make you feel better all day long.

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5 Health Benefits That You Can Gain from Gardening

1. Gardening is a tool for focusing in and sharpening your concentration. When you work on only one thing at a time, your mind is able to go deeper and concentrate. It’s not filled with clutter as it is when you multitask.

2. Being in the garden has a genuine positive effect on your mood. Research shows that plants and flowers improve our moods, concentration and productivity, while they minimize stress, help us feel less anxious, more optimistic and safer. Spending 30 minutes in the garden sure beats Prozac and/or therapy.

3. Pausing, taking deep breaths, and slowing down has an undeniable impact on your health. It slows your pulse and lowers your blood pressure, clears you mind, and awakens your senses.

4. Gardening is a gateway to spirituality. Humankind’s need to connect with nature is wired in us. It’s part of who we are. When we connect with nature, it transports us to a soul-centric place where we can experience grace and a sense of ‘oneness’ with the universe.

5. The process of gardening enables you to experience feelings of gratitude more freely. Studies continue to show how the practice of gratitude is one of the key factors in determining if you experience a joyful life. When you take a moment to express the gratitude before leaving the garden, it will have an impact on your entire day.

Article Source: gardeninggonewild.com