Why Buy Local? Here are 5 Good Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers' Market

If you’re shopping for organic vegetables, you should definitely consider going to your local farmers' market. Here are 5 good reasons why you should go there instead of the grocery store.

First of all, all the produce you can buy from the farmers' market are guaranteed fresh, organic, and in their peak condition. They don’t contain any toxic chemicals, so they’re safe for your whole family to eat.

Second, locally-grown produce are very eco-friendly. Commercial fruits and vegetables often have to travel a long way to reach the supermarkets—thus requiring more fuel for shipping and delivery. Locally-grown produce, on the other hand, only takes just 50 miles to get to the farmers' market. Less cost, less pollution.

The third reason why you should shop locally is because it helps the whole community. Whenever you buy local, you’re helping the organic farmers and their families—and they help us in turn by providing us with high-quality produce all year long. It’s a wonderful cycle that’s beneficial for everyone in the community.

Still not convinced? The following infographic will give you more reasons why you should support your local farmers' market. Read it now and remember to share it online!

Image Source: University of Illinois Extension