6 Common Vegetable Diseases You Should Avoid

Plant diseases are something that constantly worry gardeners. These diseases are not just the ordinary type because they can kill your vegetable garden in an instant.

They’re often caused by a sudden rise in temperature and humidity, and when your plants aren’t able to adapt to these weather changes, they will easily get affected.

Now, there are 6 common vegetable diseases, namely: late blight, early blight, bacterial wilts, powdery mildew, downy mildew, and rust. The crops that are most affected by these diseases are potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, squash and beans.

So what are the possible actions you can do to prevent these illnesses from destroying your garden veggies?

First off, make a thorough research on the growing conditions of each vegetable you’re planning to grow. Second, avoid watering your garden too much. This will only make your plants drown and die. Moderate watering is suggested. Third tip is to always keep your vegetable garden neat and clean, otherwise pests will visit and destroy it.

Following these simple prevention tips can help your beloved plants stay strong and disease-free. Learn more about the Top 6 Plant Diseases by reading this infographic below.

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Image Source: PAllenSmith.com