7 Easy Steps to Repot a Plant

Do you have a plant that has outgrown it’s current home? At some point, repotting your plants becomes necessary but—do you know how to properly do so?

Many gardeners choose to repot their plants during spring time when the natural growth of the roots allow the plants enough time to grow into their new containers.

Whether you’re repotting because the spring season has arrived or because you want to update your decor, keeping your plants healthy and happy means that you can continue to enjoy them year round. To help you safely transition your plants to their new homes, ProFlowers has created a step-by-step guide of the delicate process.

There are a handful of gardening tips and tricks to keep in your back pocket, and knowing how to repot a plant is one of them! Check out the infographic below to get the full instructions.


Image Source: ProFlowers.com