Top 7 Herbs That You Can Grow in the Shade

Love to garden but live in an area that gets a small amount of sunlight? Then growing an indoor herb garden is the most practical solution for you!

Many types of herbs are actually shade-loving and can thrive even in an indoor environment. They don’t need exposure to full sun; in fact, partial shade is often enough for their daily sunlight requirement.

Chives, lemon balm, mint, parsley, oregano, spicebush and thyme are seven of the most shade-tolerant herbs. Lots of people like to grow them in containers and place them on their balcony, windowsill or kitchen counter for easy access especially when preparing meals.

An indoor herb garden really is a great way to start gardening especially if you have an urban space that gets very little sunlight. As long as you look after their basic growing needs, your shade-tolerant herbs will surely thrive in time.

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7 Herbs That You Can Grow in the Shade

Mint is probably the most popular and most universal herb. Mint tea is used against coughs and some other health problems. It is a good addition to a lot of meals and salads, too, as it adds a very fresh and pleasant flavour. People also use it in the most popular tropical cocktail – Mojito. Plant this herb in containers and to grow it in them, as it can be pretty invasive when in the ground. Maintain it regularly by trimming it because it will become leggy and will look bad.

Most of you might not even heard of it but it is a very popular herb. It is not exactly a herb but a vegetable, but it likes shade. Chives is a type of onions, which is used for flavouring salads or as a decoration of other meals. It has grass-like leaves and a light flavour, which is very pleasant. Unlike mint, though, it doesn’t like full shade. You have to grow it somewhere where there is some direct sunlight.

Lemon Balm, as you can guess from its name, has a very pleasant citrus flavour. It is used for flavouring dishes, salads, tea and whatever else you can think of. It is also a perennial and loves shade. It has to be trimmed often, though, in order to prevent it from getting leggy.

Parsley is also a very popular herb. It goes very well on tomato salads, but it is widely used for other dishes, too. It is rich in vitamin C. There are two types of parsley – flat-leaved and Italian. They both like moist soil and partial shade. It can be grown in containers, just like mint.

Golden Oregano is the only type of oregano that doesn’t need full sun. All other types of this wonderful herb love direct sunlight, but golden oregano prefers partial to full shade. Direct sunlight will kill it.

Thyme is also a popular herb used in different cuisines around the world. It goes well with beef, pork, lamb, potatoes, fish and lots of other food products. Thyme loves partial shade and shouldn’t be watered too often. It is very appropriate to be grown in containers, as it has shallow roots. Plant it in wide, shallow containers, where it will have enough space to expand and grow freely.

Spicebush is an extremely aromatic herb, that loves partial shade. It is edible. Spicebush blooms from late winter to early spring, as in the end of the blooming season it grows red berries. If you want to attract some wildlife in your garden, spicebush is a good enticement. There one little detail, though, you have to plant a male and a female plant, if you want to have berries.

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