Top 7 Reasons to Try Urban Homesteading

Most people find it hard to adopt a more sustainable way of living especially when they’re residing in a big city. The limited space alone can be an issue when you’re trying to grow a garden or even raise livestock. Luckily, urban dwellers have discovered how to achieve self-sufficiency in the city—and that is through urban homesteading.

The main objective of homesteading is to become completely self-sufficient, and this involves growing an organic vegetable garden. Planting your veggies is highly advisable because you can personally guarantee the quality and safety of the food you eat. You can grow them in containers or raised beds in order to maximize space.

Homesteading is also incredibly cost-efficient. You can save money in the garden by recycling your planting trays, swapping plants with your friends and neighbors, saving your seeds (use non-GMO heirloom seeds for this purpose), making your own compost instead of buying potting soil, and so on. Even the simple act of growing your own food can save you a lot of money on groceries in the long run.

Now that you know just how practical homesteading is, be sure to give it a try today! You’ll be amazed at the many benefits it can bring to your household. Find out more about urban homesteading in the following infographic from Custom Made.

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