Herb Gardening Chart: 8 Most Popular Garden Herbs and How to Grow Them

Looking for something easy to grow in your garden? You can never go wrong with herbs! Herbs are always a good choice because they’re simple to grow. They’re very low-maintenance, so they don’t require much time and effort. Whether you’re a beginner or pro gardener, you’ll definitely have a smooth time tending to these plants.

Garden herbs are also ideal especially if you love cooking and gardening. It’s really convenient to have them at home when you’re cooking because they can add that special flavor and aroma to your home-cooked meals. This is the reason why more people are growing indoor herb gardens so they can access their favorite herbs at any time.

Sage, dill, mint, parsley, rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil are eight of the most popular types to grow these days. So if you’re interested in growing your own herbs, try some of these plants now and you’ll have a beautiful herb garden in no time!

You can find out more about these popular garden herbs in the following chart. Feel free to share, tweet, and pin it today!

Image Source: University of Illinois Extension