8 Ways to Repel Pests Naturally

Want to effectively protect your vegetable garden from unwanted pests? You can easily do so without the need for pesticides and other toxic means. Go ahead and try these 8 gardening tips below to help you repel pests naturally!

Tips to Repel Pests Naturally

1. Plant a lavender hedge around the onion patch to protect them from onion maggot and lavender bushes around fruit trees to deter codling moth.

2. Rosemary planted near carrots deters carrot fly and bean beetle. Sprigs of rosemary placed with clothes will repel moths and silverfish.

3. Put sage bushes near doorways to keep ants away. Planted in the vegetable garden, sage is believed to keep mice away.

4. Plant fennel near doorways and windows to repel flies and mosquitoes. Place fresh leaves in your pet’s bedding and rub through its coat to ward off fleas.

5. Use both annual and perennial chamomile flowers to make an anti-fungal spray by pouring one liter of boiling water over two firmly-packed cupfuls of fresh flowers, steep then strain.

6. Protect cabbages, beans and tomatoes by planting basil nearby.

7. Citronella oil is a general insect repellent and can be used as bait to trap and drown codling moth, light brown apple moth and male fruit flies.

8. Garlic spray can be used to kill or repel a range of pests such as aphids, woolly aphid, bean fly, stink and horned bugs, crickets and grasshoppers.

Article Source: Purtiful.net