7 Best Vegetable Crops to Grow this Summer Season

Summer is just few months away, and if you want to be prepared for the coming season, then you need to plan ahead as early as now. Summer gardening involves carefully choosing crops that can thrive well in very hot temperatures.

There are many heat-tolerant vegetables you can try, but here are some hot picks (pun unintended!) that you should consider planting in summer.

First off is basil. Most gardeners recommend growing basil during the summer months because it thrives better. This popular herb is often grown in a container and placed on a windowsill so it can get lots of sun and warmth indoors.

The next hot pick is okra. Okra grows well in both raised beds and traditional garden beds. It’s best to plant it in the sunniest spot in your garden using fertile and moist soil for the best results.

Eggplant is another vegetable that can tolerate hot weather conditions. It needs warm soil in order to grow well, so a very sunny and well-drained location is needed. It can also be planted in raised beds as long as they contain organic compost.

These heat-tolerant veggies may not need much watering, but remember to check them regularly for any bad signs. For more details about the hottest vegetables to grow this summer season, please watch this awesome video from Growing Your Greens.

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Video Source: Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens