Build a DIY Urban Planter in 4 Simple Steps

Garden planters can be bought at any local shop in your area. But if you’re looking for a simple project to do this weekend, then building a DIY urban planter is recommended for you! This planter is incredibly convenient and space-efficient. It’s also suitable for urban spaces because you can just place it indoors or on your balcony to save space.

Making your own planter is very easy to do. The tools you’ll require are a circular saw, cordless drill, bicycle hooks, drill bits, f-clamps, pocket jig hole, sandpaper, screws, varnish, and wood glue. You can borrow from your friends if you’re lacking some of these tools. Birch plywood is the only material you need to buy for this project—you’ll need one 3/4″ sheet and another that’s 2×8, 8″ long.

To begin building your DIY urban planter, please refer to Dark Rye’s guide below for the full instructions. Just follow the steps and remember to measure the pieces correctly so you can come up with an awesome planter that will look great on your urban space.

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