Easy DIY Garden Project: How to Build a Vertical Succulent Garden

Most people love to embellish their homes with fancy colors and decors. Ornaments such as living flowers, vases, photo frames, and sculptures are commonly used for interior decorations.

But did you know that vertical succulent plants can serve as a wonderful home decor? Hanging succulents are not only beautiful to look at, but they’re also quick to make!

To get you started, you’ll need some wood, good soil mix, a net, and of course your favorite succulent plants. Now make a simple plan for the design and size of the frame you want to have. Make the right measurements on the wood, then cut and attach each piece accordingly as your final frame.

Next, create a base (where you’ll place the soil mix) and attach it to the frame. Afterwards, put the soil mix and succulents in the base. Be sure to grow just enough so you can avoid overcrowding your plants. Lastly, add a moderate amount of water and hang your vertical succulent garden on your desired area!

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Video Source: Lowe’s Home Improvement Youtube Channel