Build Your Own Hydroponic Garden in 3 Quick Steps

What is hydroponic gardening all about? According to, the term hydroponics come from the Greek words hudor (water) and ponos (work). Simply put, hydroponics mean “waterworking.” It’s basically a gardening method that allows one to grow plants without using soil.

Even without the presence of soil, your crops can still be grown organically as long as you have a water system that contains the necessary minerals and nutrients for plants to grow well. Pesticides and other types of chemicals are a big NO for hydroponic gardening as they only cause scary health risks.

So if you’re looking for a gardening method that produces healthy crops, delivers more yields, saves space, and uses irrigation water more efficiently, then hydroponics is right for you. Be sure to check out these 3 easy steps below so you can build your own hydroponic garden at home.

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Build Your Own Hydroponic Garden in 3 Quick Steps

Step 1: Decide on what to Grow and Purchase your Seeds

As a starting point, you will need to determine the exact seed and plants that you would like to grow. From summer plants and flowers to vegetables, there are a huge range of seeds available and you must make a considered choice that reflects the vision that you have for your garden. Once this is done, the next step is to decide precisely how many seeds you require, as it is important to order them as quickly as possible before the spring demand begins to exceed the supply. Remember, plants in hydroponic gardens take up less space so you can feature more of your favourite seeds when designing the space.

Step 2: Estimate the Size of the Required Area and Mark Planting Positions

It is also important that you estimate the size of the area that you will require, as you take into account your choice of seeds and any additional features that you are looking to include in your garden. If you want to install a contained or open water feature from a reputable supplier, you will need to build the design of your hydroponic garden around this. Once you have completed this and determined the exact area where your seeds will be planted, you can begin to evenly mark and carefully space four-inch holes for your pots to be positioned. On an additional note, you may wish to use a shade cloth to help protect your burgeoning plants for a month or so if they are exposed to high temperatures.

Step 3: Create your Hydroponic Solution and Plant your Seeds

To enable the plants to grow, you will need to create a hydroponic solution of fertilizers and water to a suggested strength of 20-24 CF and an end PH level of 5.5 – 6.5. These are standard guidelines, and following them closely will help you to achieve the best possible results. With this completed, you can begin to carefully remove any soil from the roots of your seedlings and plant them carefully into your pots. Then add the hydroponic solution and place your seeds in the predetermined position in your garden. Once this has been completed, your hydroponic garden will soon begin to grow and bring your artistic vision into reality!

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