3 Common Soil Problems and How to Fix Them

Many gardeners often have to deal with various soil problems that can be quite frustrating and difficult to solve. If you’re also experiencing issues with your garden soil, then here are some answers that you may find very helpful.

If you’re using clay soil right now, just add some coarse sand, compost, and peat moss to it. Compost is so important in gardening as it provides the microorganisms that promote full plant growth.

If you’re using silt soil for your garden, then gravel, compost, and horse manure are the right ingredients for it. Manure can serve as an efficient fertilizer and work wonders for your garden.

Now if you’ve got sandy soil, go ahead and mix in some humus, peat moss, and sawdust. This simple trick will help improve your soil a lot.

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Image Source: Preparedness Mama