Composting Basics: The Brown to Green Ratio of Common Compost Materials

In order to make the best possible compost, you need to put the correct amount of browns and greens into your compost pile.

Browns refer to materials that are dry and rich in carbon, while Greens refer to moist matter with high nitrogen content. The effectiveness of your compost will greatly depend on how well you balance these two. Put in too much carbon and it will slow down the decomposition process; put in too much nitrogen and your compost will seriously stink.

This is why achieving the proper ratio is important so you can come up with a fertile compost pile that will be good for your garden soil. Below is a list of some common organic materials that you can add in your compost bin. Check it out to know the right quantity of browns and greens that will make for a well-balanced compost.

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Image Source: Do My Own Pest Control