6 Best Ways to Conserve Water in the Garden

Water is undoubtedly the most essential element that plants need in order to grow and survive. But as time passes by, water is becoming scarcer due to human neglect. Most people tend to use it mindlessly, resulting in a rapidly decreasing water supply.

This affects not only humans but nature as well. Many plants find it difficult to thrive without regular access to water, and so they wilt and die along the way.

To stop this unfortunate situation from happening, one must learn how to conserve water at home. This way, you can use water more efficiently and always have enough supply to run your household and vegetable garden.

There are several ways to conserve water in the garden. Using a drip irrigation system, putting enough mulch in the soil, watering deeply, recycling water properly, utilizing barrels to save rain water, and using ground covers are some good examples.

By doing these six simple things, you’ll not only cut down your water bill but also help protect the world’s water supply. For more details on water conservation, check out these effective tips now. You can also click the social buttons below if you want to share this article online!

How to Preserve Water in 6 Simple and Quick Ways!

1. Deep Watering. Water deeply, making sure to soak the root zone rather than the whole yard.

2. Groundcover. Plant groundcovers and shade trees to help keep your yard cool.

3. Mulch. Mulch your garden regularly to lock in soil moisture.

4. Drip Irrigation. Use watering methods such as drip irrigation or soaker hoses to reduce evaporation by directing water to plant roots.

5. Rain Barrel. Connect a rain barrel to a gutter on your home to create a ready source of water for your plants.

6. Recycle. Recycle household water from drinking glasses and steaming or cooking vegetables and pasta to water plants.

Article Source: rodalesorganiclife.com