Worm Bin Composting: Create Your Own Worm Bin in 7 Quick Steps!

Interested in composting? Vermiculture, also known as worm composting, is one of the best composting methods you can try. This process is very efficient especially if you’ve got lots of kitchen scraps.

The worms work on the scraps and other organic matter and turn them into a special type of soil called vermicompost. This soil is packed with various nutrients, making it super beneficial for organic gardening.

Sounds really good, right? But before you begin creating your own vermicompost, you’ll need to build a sturdy worm bin first!

The whole process is easy: the materials can even be acquired without buying anything. For this project, you’ll need a bin (either a small or large one), then some water, shredded newspapers, soil, cardboard, green leaves and, of course, some worms.

To get started, the first thing you should do is to put some holes on the worm bin. Next, place the cardboard in it and then the shredded newspapers afterwards. After that, get the worms and spread them inside the bin. Now add in some soil and sprinkle a moderate amount of water to keep the worms moist (worms apparently don’t like it if their environment is too wet or too hot). Finally, put some green leaves in the bin to give the worms something to eat.

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Video Source: GardenGirltv YouTube Channel