4 Creative Ways to Use Your Homegrown Herbs

A number of home gardeners have recently been asking for new ways to use their herbs at home. To answer that question, many things can actually be done with herbs—it may be for cooking, house cleaning, gift-giving, and so on.

Here are some great ideas on how to use your herbs creatively:

  1. Toss a muslin bag filled with lavender into your dryer to make your clothes fresher and more fragrant.
  2. When making delicious desserts, add some herbs (such as roses and lavender) to give them an interesting twist.
  3. Make a DIY body soap with chamomile, rosemary, or lemon balm. Many natural and homemade soap recipes are available online.
  4. Create some lavender wands and tuck them in your drawers to add some fragrance.

You can find more creative uses for herbs in books as well as online. But to help you get started, this amazing infographic will show you two creative ways to make the most of your homegrown herbs. Check them out below!

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Image Source: Fix.com