Crop Rotation Tips: How to Rotate Your Crops for a Successful Vegetable Garden

Long-time gardeners probably already know about vegetable crop rotation, but to those beginners out there, let me give you an idea about this gardening practice.

Many gardeners often make the mistake of planting the same vegetables on the same spot every single year. Doing this will exhaust all the essential nutrients from your soil and will make your garden more prone to plant diseases and pests.

The simple solution to this is to rotate your veggies every growing season. You can achieve this by replacing the current vegetable with a compatible one that comes from different botanical family. Crops from the same family often share the same plant problems, so you want to avoid that by planting a dissimilar crop.

This video from GrowVeg explains how crop rotation works and helps you plan your garden for the next growing season. Watch it now and share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends!

Video Source: GrowVeg