66 Awesome Crops That Grow Well in Pots

Gone are the days when you need to have a spacious yard to grow a garden. These days, even a simple balcony will do–thanks to this practical method known as container gardening. Because of its simplicity and space efficiency, container gardening has now become a popular trend particularly among urban gardeners.

Growing plants in containers enables one to have a sustainable garden even in a limited urban space. Compared to a traditional in-ground garden, using pots is a lot simpler to maintain: the plants don’t require much care and plant diseases are easier to detect and contain. Containers also make it quicker to transport plants to another location if needed, and it allows gardeners to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs to suit their nutritional needs.

Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, peppers, basil and oregano are the most popular plants to raise in pots, but if you’re looking for more interesting ideas, then be sure to check out Urban Organic Gardener’s awesome list below. The list reveals 66 of the best crops to grow in containers, so you’ll have plenty of delicious options to choose from.

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Image Source: urbanorganicgardener.com