Easy Steps to Making a DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Many people are now into DIY garden projects because they’re so fun and easy to make. So if you’re also looking for a DIY project for your herb garden, then you are on the right page!

One great garden idea is to simply hang your herb plants vertically. It’s a space-saving technique that’s specifically designed for home gardeners with small spaces.

Creating a hanging herb garden does not have to be very expensive. You can just recycle, recreate, and reuse some of the old stuff you can find at home—such as mugs, tin cans, pots, jars, old pieces of wood, ropes, strings, etc.

With these sets of materials on hand, you are now ready to build your very own hanging herb garden. To help you get started, just watch the instructional video below by HomeMade Modern.

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Video Source: HomeMade Morden YouTube Channel