Save Money on Pest Control: Make Your Own Organic Pesticide & Fungicide Now!

As you already know, pests such as insects, worms, and rodents can seriously damage a vegetable garden. They will visit your garden anytime and eat everything you planted—putting all your time, money, and effort to waste.

This is why using pesticide is important to ensure your garden stays safe from protected from these pesky pests. However, most commercial pesticides are harmful for your garden because they contain toxic chemicals. They’re also quite expensive and may last for only a short period of time. What should you do then?

In order to save money and guarantee your garden’s safety, the best solution is to create your own organic pesticide and fungicide. Making a DIY organic pesticide and fungicide is more environmentally friendly, and will keep your garden pest-free in the healthiest and safest way possible. The ingredients needed to make them will only cost you less than $25, so much cheaper compared to the products available on the market.

Check out this infographic now for some step-by-step instructions on how to make organic pesticide and fungicide. Don’t forget to share this blog online!

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