Make a DIY Succulent Living Wall in 7 Quick Steps

Love gardening and decorating? Creating a living wall is a super cool way to combine your two favorite hobbies!

Living wall gardens are all the rage among home decor enthusiasts these days. This is because they give the best of both worlds: you get to tend after your plants while using them as decoration as well!

Making your own living wall is easy. You just need a to get a few materials, build a simple frame, and find some good plants to use—such as succulents. Succulents are actually one of the most popular options because they’re easier to look after. You can just take some of your favorite succulent clippings and add them to your wall garden.

Once you have your DIY succulent living wall set up, you can then hang the frame anywhere at home. Just remember to water it every few weeks to keep it good condition.

For more details on how to build a succulent living wall, simply follow these 7 quick steps below. Feel free to share this guide with your friends online!

Image Source: University of Illinois Extension