Find Out Exactly How Long to Water Your Plants With This Drip Irrigation Guide

Garden plants require regular watering to keep them from drying. Bear in mind that not all of them grow in the same climates. Some plants completely thrive in cold temperatures, while others are well-suited for warm or hot temperatures.

Because of this, different plants have varying watering requirements depending on your area’s climate. For gardeners who lives in colder places, water your small and large pots at least 10-15 minutes per week. Then 15-45 minutes per week if you have small and large bushes, and 3-11 hours per week for small and large trees.

Those living in warm places will have to water their small and large pots for 15-30 minutes weekly. Small and large bushes need around 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of water per week, while small and large trees require 5.5 to 22 hours per week.

Lastly, a lot of water is required for those living in hot places. The weekly water requirement are as follows: 30-45 minutes for small and large-potted plants, 1-2 hours for small and large shrubs, and 8-32 hours for small and large tress.

In conclusion, the water requirement gradually increases as the temperature arises as well.

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