Top 12 Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow

These days, you will often find a variety of indoor plants in many homes. Lots of people like to keep them not just for decorative purposes but for their therapeutic benefits as well.

Indoor plants are very relaxing to look at and being surrounded by them can naturally help reduce stress. They’re also great at improving air quality, that’s why more people are now keeping indoor plants at home.

Generally speaking, houseplants are quite easy to take care of. They’re very adaptive and designed for interior environments. In fact, they actually thrive better indoors and can do well even with little exposure to sunlight. Houseplants are known for being low-maintenance, so anyone can practically grow them as long as their basic needs are provided.

This detailed infographic from will show you the 12 best indoor plants and how you can raise them at home. Choose your favorites now and follow the growing instructions so your plants can last for a very long time.

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