This is Probably the Easiest Way to Grow Tomatoes!

The most normal way to grow tomatoes is from their seeds. After harvesting their tomatoes, home gardeners usually save the seeds and grow them again in the next gardening season. But did you know that you can grow tomatoes without actually saving the seeds? Sounds crazy, right? If you want to know the secret, just follow these easy steps to get started!

First step is to get a pot filled with good soil. Second, cut a whole tomato into 4 slices and place them right on the top of the soil. Third, pour a handful of soil just enough to cover the sliced tomatoes. Next, find a sunny area in your garden to place the pot because tomatoes love sun so much.

After they have sprouted and grown enough in few weeks, transplant them to another pot with good soil. After a month or two, you should already see some tomatoes growing on your plants.

So that’s the easiest way to grow tomato seedlings. For more info details, watch The Wannabe Homesteader’s tutorial video below. You can also share this post by clicking the social buttons on the left.

Video Source: The Wannabe Homesteader