Want Your Fresh Food to Last Longer? Follow These 7 Storage Tips Now!

Millions of vegetables and fruits are produced each year, but a large fraction of them are thrown away due to spoilage and improper storage techniques. Because of this, lots of money and tons of food are easily wasted all over the world.

In order to avoid a wasteful and unfortunate situation like this, consumers need to learn the right way to preserve and store their foods, especially when it comes to fresh produce. Preserving and storing can truly help your fresh foods last much longer, as well as help reduce food waste and environmental damage.

There are a few easy tricks that can extend your food’s shelf life. One good tip is to separate your potatoes and onions. These two crops will chemically react with each other when placed together—this leads to quicker spoilage, so you want to keep them away from each other in separate bags for the best results.

Wrapping your leafy greens with some paper towels is another useful technique. Leafy greens are known to rot when exposed to excess moisture, but wrapping them in paper towels takes care of this and even extends their shelf life to 2 days.

For more smart tips on making your fresh food last longer, be sure to read this cool infographic from Pounds to Pocket. Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest today!

Image Source: poundstopocket.co.uk