Your Ultimate Garden Pest Control Guide

Maintaining a vegetable garden can be quite challenging especially when you have to deal with bugs. Now, you might be tempted to get rid of all the pests in your backyard, but that’s not advisable because some of them can actually be advantageous for your plants.

These good bugs are super beneficial because they act like guardians that keep the bad bugs from entering your garden. In order words, they’re there to help you control your garden’s pest population.

There are numerous ways to attract good bugs. Growing insectary plants is a smart move because they can easily lure in the beneficial bugs into your vegetable garden. Planting around 5-10% of your garden for these insectary plants should be enough to invite good bugs and deter the bad ones.

Aside from insectary plants, using a row cover and spraying some diatomaceous earth (food grade) on your plant leaves can help fight off the unwanted bugs. The following infographic from Organic Pest Control NYC will show you how to use these DIY pest control methods to your advantage.

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