Top 3 Garden Planning Mistakes and How to Prevent Them

Growing a garden can sometimes be a little bit disappointing and frustrating. This is often caused by not having a garden plan or having the wrong one. Either way, many gardening problems will arise from this.

Without proper planning, one can easily make the mistake of (1) growing more plants than you actually need, (2) ignoring nature, and (3) planting everything at the same time.

So what can a gardener do to prevent these unfortunate problems?

First off, try spacing your crops properly. It’s best to leave enough space between the crops so they can have more room to grow. Some seed sellers offer a free planting guide that will help you determine the correct spacing. Use it well so you can prevent overcrowding in your garden.

The second solution is to take advantage of companion plants around to naturally attract beneficial bugs and ward off the unhelpful pests. Having these good bugs around will fight off the bad pests without affecting your plants’ growth.

Lastly, sow seeds in small batches every 2-3 weeks. Extreme weather and climate conditions can easily ruin your garden plants, but when you grow by batches, you can effectively avoid damaging all your plants at once.

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Video Source: GrowVeg YouTube Channel