How to Grow Delicious Brussels Sprouts in 10 Easy Steps

Brussels sprouts are one of the best vegetables you can plant at home. Not only are they delicious but super nutritious as well. They contain high levels of vitamins K and C, so they’re really good for you and your family’s health. They’re also relatively to grow—making them a practical choice for many organic home gardeners.

Autumn is the perfect season to grow Brussels sprouts, for they like cold and cool weather conditions that range from 60 to 65° F. So if you’re thinking about planting this particular vegetable, then now is the best time to start!

Go ahead and check out these 10 awesome tips from A Healthy Life for Me below so you can finally enjoy the freshest and tastiest Brussels sprouts from your own backyard! If you want, you may also share this blog post with your gardening friends by clicking the social buttons on this page.

Image Source: A Healthy Life for Me