7 Steps to Growing Herbs from Seeds

Potted herb plants are available at any garden store, but they’re not always practical to purchase. It’s always better to grow your own herbs so you can save more money and experience the joys of gardening at home.

When it comes to herb gardening, starting from herbs is one of the most effective methods to try. Here’s what you should do:

First and foremost, use garden containers built with proper drainage. Empty juice boxes, yogurt cartons and egg cartons are good options long as there are enough holes on them.

Second, fill the containers with some good organic soil and compost. These two will provide essential nutrients that will help your herb seeds grow to their full potential.

Next, always keep your herb seeds hydrated by watering them moderately. When everything is done, cover your containers with plastic wrap to preserve moisture.

Refer to this infographic now for the step-by-step instructions on starting herbs from seed. To share this blog post on your favorite social networks, just click the social buttons below!


Image Source: medicinalplantszone.com