4 Helpful Tips for Growing Indoor Plants

Since most urban cities don’t have enough space for gardening, growing indoor plants is a great  alternative for people who live in apartments. Same with outdoor plants, indoor plants observe some basic growing conditions. They include light, temperature, humidity and water.

For sunlight, it will depend on how much shade is needed for your indoor plants to fully grow. The general rule is at least 6 hours of full sun, but if your place doesn’t get enough sunlight, you can use an artificial light source instead.

Regarding temperature, most indoor plants are suitable to grow at 58°F to 86°F. So just set the indoor temperature that both you and your plants will be comfortable with.

Another basic requirement to remember is humidity. Indoor plants need at least 50% of air humidity, otherwise they’ll have a hard time surviving. To avoid low humidity levels, place a water source nearby or perhaps use a humidifier.

Finally, don’t forget the watering process. Although not all indoor plants have the same water requirements, they all still need enough water to keep them moist. You’ll know that it’s time to water them when the soil has dried up.

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4 Helpful Tips for Growing Indoor Plants

Tip 1: Light needed for growing plants indoors
It is quite easy to measure the amount of light that the plant would get if you observe how much shade there is. Location can be described through bright light, medium light and low light. Bright light means that there are at least four hours of sunshine.

In case there isn’t enough light, you could supplement it with artificial lighting.

Tip 2: Temperature
This is also one of the factors that make all the difference regarding indoor plant growing. Humans usually like 72-82 degrees, while plants prefer 58-86 degrees. Most probably if you feel comfortable with the temperature, it is good for indoor plant growing as well.

Tip 3: Humidity
Usually the humidity of air is between 20% and 50%. The greenhouses have over 50% air humidity. In case the plants get removed from the greenhouse, growing plants indoors will become more difficult. To make up for it, you should keep a water source near the plants, or use a humidifier.

Tip 4: Water
Some consider plant watering an art, because it is very important how much water the roots get. Indoor plant growing is influenced by type, growing medium, size, container and also light. While some plants need a lot of water, others need very little.

In order to know when to water you should insert your finger in the soil to about one inch of depth. If it is dry, you should water, but if it isn’t, indoors gardening is just fine.

Article Source: thegardencentral.com